What is Guiding?

Guiding is values based, non-formal education operating in an intergenerational, global, multi-cultural environment, Girl Guiding is about meeting new friends, developing an understanding of teamwork and a sense of adventure as well as absorbing the importance of taking part in a wider community and reaching out to make a difference; both locally and globally.

​Why girls only?


Girls only because it was intended to create a space for girls; all girls should be given the opportunity to develop physically, mentally, and spiritually. In short to develop their full potential.



The Girl Guide experience is full of activities and opportunities for everyone. You can:

  •     Challenge yourself physically and mentally;
  •     Get involved in your community through volunteering and community action projects;
  •     Meet friends from all around the world and just next door;
  •     Travel and learn about new cultures;
  •     Advocate on issues you care about, influencing decision-makers;
  •     Learn and practice leadership;
  •     Have fun by learning in a non-formal setting, with songs, games, crafts and activities;
  •     Be yourself in a safe and creative environment;
  •     Pass on your knowledge by volunteering to be a Guide leader.

Who can be a guide?

Any FEMALE can become a guide as long as she is prepared by the principles of guiding as laid out in the

The levels of guiding in Trinidad and Tobago are:

Brownie Guides – aged 6 – 9 years

Junior Guides – aged 9 – 12 years

Senior Guides – aged 12 – 15 years

Ranger Guides – aged 15 – 18 years

Leaders – from age 18 years and upwards

Where is Guiding available?


To become a Guide you may contact:

The Guide Unit in your school or community OR contact the National Office

Our National Office :

Grace Anderson Girl Guides Headquarters,

8 Rust Street, St. Clair

Port of Spain


Tel: 1-868-628-7966 / 2614


Email: girlguidestnt@gmail.com