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(Adapted from The Brownies by Mrs. Ewing)

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"But I’m not a Brownie" said Betty.

Mrs. Owl replied, "No, but you can be one if you try.

You are a strong and active little girl. You could sweep the floor. You are clever enough to lay the fire and light it. You could fill the kettle and put it on to boil. You could tidy up the room and lay the breakfast things. You could make your bed and clean your shoes and fold up your clothes. You could do all these things before anyone else was up, so that when your Father and Mother came down they would think that the Brownies had been at work in the house"


Betty and Tommy said goodnight to the Wise Owl and then went thoughtfully home.

Early next morning they slipped out of their beds before anyone was up. They cleaned up the place and lit the fire, put the breakfast all ready, and crept quietly back to their rooms, so that when their Father and Mother came down, expecting to have to do all the work themselves, they were astonished to find everything already done for them, and they thought the Brownies must have been there.


Day after day this went on, and the children got more fun and happiness out of being helpful than they had ever got out of playing rowdy games or being lazy.

It was only a long time afterwards that their parents discovered that their own children were the Brownies who had helped them and then they were even more pleased!

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The Brownie Story,  is taken from The Brownie Guide Handbook, published by The Girl Guides Association 1968