Robert Stephenson Smyth Baden-Powell, 1st Baron Baden-Powell, OM, GCMG, GCVO, KCB

Robert Baden-Powell was a British Army lieutenant-general, Second Boer War hero, a writer, and the founder and Chief Scout of the Boy Scouts Movement. It was his sister Agnes, however, who helped in the founding and development of the Girl Guides Movement (later the Girl Scouts in the U.S.A.) in 1910.

Agnes Baden-Powell, an accomplished musician, versatile in piano, violin and organ, was also an honourary companion of the Royal Aeronautical Society. She held positions in the Westminster Division of the Red Cross - President, and worked for the League of Mercy and Queen Mary's Needlework Guild.


In 1910, there were approximately 6000 young girls registered as Girl Guides. In 1912, Agnes Baden-Powell established the first Lone Company or Lone Guides and became the de facto President of the Girl Guides Association.​

In 1912, the Guides' first handbook by Agnes Baden-Powell, entitled "The Handbook for the Girl Guides or How Girls Can Help to Build Up the Empire" was published. It was a reworking of the Scouting for Boys book written by her brother Robert Baden-Powell several years earlier. The Girl Guide Movement was given official recognition in 1915.

It was not until Robert Baden-Powell's travels to the United States in January of 1912, that, he met Olave St. Clair Soames. The two were married later that year. During the years 1913 to 1917, three children filled the air with fun and excitement: Arthur Robert Peter (1913), Heather Grace (1915) and Betty St. Clair (1917).

Olave St Clair Baden-Powell, Baroness Baden-Powell, GBE, also known as Olave, Lady Baden-Powell, or The Dowager Lady Baden-Powell, became Chief Guide for Britain in 1918.

In 1916 the new County Commissioners voted Olave Baden-Powell into the new post of Chief Guide, and Agnes was offered the honorary post of President which she reluctantly accepted.

In 1917, following pressure, Agnes resigned from the Presidency in favor of Princess Mary, who was also a keen supporter of the Girl Guides.

Agnes continued in her role as Vice-President until her death in June of 1945.