Running a unit demands a great deal from you and you have a great responsibility, however, the best thing about Guiding is that you are never alone. In your unit there might be:


BROWNIE PACK: Pack Leader/Guider - Brown Owl; Assistant Leader/Guider - Tawny Owl; Unit Helpers, Young Leaders


COMPANY: Leader/Guider – Captain; Assistant Leader/Guider – Lieutenant; Unit Helpers, Young Leaders


  • An Assistant Guider

She is the unit Guider’s partner, deputy and fellow worker in all aspects of unit life. She has a personality, knowledge and skills that are her own and which bring added value to the Guides. She is appointed by the Chief Commissioner on the advice of the District and Division Commissioners.


  • A Unit Helper (or two)

The Unit Helper is an adult friend of the unit who is willing to help with some aspect of unit life. She or sometimes he need not make the Promise, doesn’t wear the uniform and does not follow the Adult Leadership Programme. The Appointment is confirmed by the District Commissioner. A Unit Helper can be asked to do anything that makes best use of her talents and interests, from helping with craft sessions to looking after a particular part of unit administration, such as accounts or organizing badge tests. However, Unit Helpers neither run unit meetings nor do they have to attend all of or every meeting, depending on their role.


  • A Young Leader (or two)

A Young Leader is a girl between her sixteenth and twenty-fifth birthdays, who is following the Young Leaders Scheme and is registered as a Young Leader by the Training Commissioner on the advice of her District Commissioner. The Scheme encourages her to develop her own leadership skills and to widen her experience by working with girls at various levels of the Movement and with her own peers in a variety of situations. She receives help and support from her Unit Guider, District Commissioner and Regional Trainer, who will also discuss the work and progress of the Young Leader from time to time. (Consult the Training Manual)



No matter how many helpers you may have, the responsibility for the general running of the unit and the happiness of everyone in it belong to you. To do this you need:


  • To know and understand each Guide in the unit and make her feel welcome and valuable;

  • To see in even the simplest activities the possibility for the Guides to develop;

  • To share fully with the other Guiders; attend District Meetings

  • To ensure that all the helpers understand the reasons behind the Guide programme;

  • To encourage helpers to contribute their own ideas and carry them out;

  • To realize that you don’t know all the answers and that like everyone else in the Movement you need training;

  • To support the aims and objectives of the Girl Guides Association of Trinidad and Tobago and abide by its Policies and Rules.




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