Taken from Guide Newsletter May 1966



The Silver Fish was originally instituted in 1911 for all-round good work and the gaining of 15 proficiency badges, and could be worn by any Guide or Guider who qualified.  It was shaped like a whiting with its tail in its mouth.  Then in 1917 it was changed to the highest possible award for Good Service to the Movement and the shape was also changed to that of a sardine, worn on a light blue ribbon with navy blue edges.


There is only one Gold Fish in the World.  This was awarded to the Chief Guide in 1918 and is unique.


‘Taps’ was brought to Great Britain from the USA in 1920. 

The World Magazine THE COUNCIL FIRE            was started in 1927.

The World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts was instituted in 1928.

The World Flag was designed by a Norwegian Guider and adopted in 1930.

The Thinking Day Fund was started in 1932.

The World Committee adopted their special Air Force blue uniform also in 1932.

The World Badge was introduced in 1948 and can be worn by all Guides and Guiders



The National Anthem

At Guide and Scout Rallies, Enrolments, Prayers in camp and other Guide ceremonial occasions, it is usual for Guides and Guiders with the EXCEPTION of the COLOUR PARTIES to salute during the singing of the National Anthem.  However, when the anthem is played in public buildings or in the street or at a mixed function, Guides should stand to ATTENTION and sing, BUT DO NOT SALUTE.


At Guide events, it is correct for everyone except the Colour Parties to salute and sing.


At a Mixed Parade, it is sometimes found that the officers in charge of detachments salute during the playing of the Anthem, and on these occasions, GUIDERS, but not Guides, should do the same.  It may be possible to ascertain the procedure beforehand.




Mrs. Theodora Glasgow, Acting Commissioner for Training left on April 14, for Oklahoma to attend a conference for Trainers of the Western Hemisphere.


Six Guiders left for Grenada on Friday April 15 for assessment by Miss Beryl Martin, Caribbean Link Trainer for their Caribbean Link Certificate.


            Mrs. Yvonne O’Neill                          Mrs. V Turton

            Miss Cynthia Harewood                   Ms. Beryl Saunders

            Mrs. K C Bailey                                   Mrs. L Smith-Hayes



Tacarigua Division

Miss Elaine Robertson, District Commissioner – St Joseph on March 23, 1966 enrolled twelve (12) girls attached to St Joseph Government School to start a Unit there.  Mrs. Maithe Gadsby was the Captain.  Ms. Cynthia Brenton, Lieutenant of 3rd Curepe Unit left Trinidad on April 2 for Antigua where she was married on Easter Sunday.




Diego Martin Division

Thinking Day Celebrations took the form of a parade to the music of the Boys Industrial School Orchestra and a service at the St Michael’s A.C. Church and to St. John’s R.C. Church where inspiring talks were given by Rev. Farther ….. A.C. and Rev. Ruth Pinard, St John’s;  Ms. Olga Johnson, Division Commissioner introduced Mrs. Carlos Kindell, Deputy Chief Commissioner to members of the Local Association and Units in attendance.


On Saturday April 16, the guides organized a fashion time at the St. Michael’s Parish Hall, Judges were Ms. Jean Hutcheon, Ms. Dianna Crichlow, Ms. E Layne, Ms. I Sealy and pretty carnival queen Sandra Western presented the prizes to the winners. 



Ms. Sandra Western, sister-in-law of Mrs. Jackie Western passed away quietly on 21st October 2011 in Barbados.