Media and Advocacy Skills Training


We are pleased to invite guides in the South Areas to a two-part special training entitled-Media and Advocacy Skills Training to be coordinated by the Communications Commissioner. Please note the following:


Dates:  Saturday 23rd January and Saturday 20th February 2016
Time: 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
Venue: Conference Room, Oilfield Workers Trade Union, 99A Circular Road, San Fernando. (next to Creative Arts Centre)
Target Audience:  Senior & Ranger Guides and Young Leaders (Mature Junior Guides welcomed)



Packed Lunch and snack, Laptop/Tablet (if you have one), Materials to take notes. Drinks will be provided.
Dress: Girl Guides Regulation Polo or Round-Neck T-shirt (white / blue) and Jeans


Overall Aims and Objectives of Training:-

Provide participants with
- Greater confidence when talking to the media
- Skills to deliver clear and effective messages
- The ability to interpret and engage your audience
- Techniques for dealing with unexpected and challenging questions - An understanding of how to create and deliver effective sound bytes


Content and Methodology:-

The Sessions will make use of interactive games, online media, the WAGGGS Advocacy Toolkit and other printed material, visiting speakers, mock interviews, and public speaking opportunities.


The two-part sessions at each location will focus on:-

  • Media

-  Understanding different media in Trinidad and Tobago 

-  How to prepare for the interview 

-  Pitching your key message (s) 

-  Creating sound bytes
-  Handling difficult questions
-  Basics of photography for media 


  • Advocacy

-  Understanding Advocacy
-  Why is Advocacy important and how does it work?
-  Examples of young advocates
-  Developing a successful advocacy plan

-  Exploring possible partnerships in Trinidad and Tobago