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There are Beatitudes For Leaders

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‘Music is part of our History’


Lady Baden-Powell we’re really glad

                  To bring you good wishes from Trinidad

                  The Guides at home told us that we must say

                  They hope that you’d come and see us some day

                  They’ve asked us to tell our Majesty

                  That they wish Her health and prosperity

                  It’s the nicest trip we have known – BUT STILL

                  There’s really no place like home



TRINIDAD – TRINIDAD, we love you too bad

No matter where we may go,

There’s no better place

Than the land of calypso (Repeat chorus)

The Arima Guide Hut


The North Eastern Division Hut – now called - ARIMA GUIDE HUT, was started in 1963 with a concrete floor, galvanize iron roof and a steel frame but remained unused by Guides till 1969 when a Gala Christmas party for all Guides, Leaders, Commissioners and LA Members was held.


Lady Baden-Powell unveiled the Plaque at a function on Wednesday 1st April 1964 at 9.30 a.m. at the site of the proposed North Eastern Division Hut.

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