Brownie Commissioner


Mrs. Diana Philip — Girl Guides Bio Data

  •  Brown Owl — 2nd San Fernando Brownie Guide Pack [1995-2009]

  •  Division Commissioner — Victoria Central Division [October 2008- September 2014]

  •  Captain — 9th San Fernando Junior Guide Company [November 2013 — to present]

  •  Assistant Brownie Commissioner [December 2015 — January 2017]

  •  Holder of the Pack Holiday License

  •  Holder of Basic Level O through to Level Ill Training Certificates


Mrs. Diana Philip Personal Bio Data  

  • Teacher' s Diploma

  •  Bachelor Education in Administration and Supervision

  •  Certificate in Education in Administration and Supervision

  •  Certificate in Computer and Digital Literacy

  •  Certificate in Reading

  •  Certificate in English and Science


Her Role as Brownie Commissioner


  • To keep in touch with Division Commissioners and to report all matters affecting the Brownie Guide Section to the Chief Commissioner

  • To organize Brownie Guide Activities on a territorial basis as approved by the Programme Committee or Training Committee

  •  To ensure that Commissioners are informed of activities affecting their Brownie Guides

  • To give advice to Commissioners on matters affecting the Brownie Guide Section

  • To visit Brownie Guide Units, at the invitation of Commissioners, and to assist in the formation of new ones


Her Responsibility as Brownie Commissioner

  • To keep an up-to-date record of Brownie Guide units in the Association in co-operation with the

  • Administrative Secretary and the Division and District Commissioners

  • To represent her Association when required at Brownie Guide Conferences

  • To study Brownie Guide Programme and ensure meaningful implementation of same

  • To work in close co-operation with all Specialist Commissioners

  • To attend meetings of the Brownie Guide Council, Executive Committee, Training and Camping and Programme Committees

  • To present an Annual Report to the Chief Commissioner for inclusion in the Association Annual Report

  • To keep abreast of all Brownie Guide Publications local and at World Level



Mrs. Diana Philip

Brownie Commissioner

2017 - 2020