Mrs. Olga Johnson Started guiding as a Brownie with the 1st San Fernando Brownie Pack, followed Through as a Guide also with the 1st San Fernando Guide Company and later became Lieutenant with this Company.  She opened the 1st Longdenville Company in 1944.  In 1950 she started the 1st Carenage Company.


She was District Commissioner for Carenage, and Point Cumana and later held the post Of Division Commissioner for Diego Martin from 1958.  In 1969 she was appointed Commissioner for Camping, Mrs. Johnson held the post of Camp Commandant for the Diamond Jubilee Camp held in Tobago in 1974.  She was also North Area Commissioner and a member of the Council of the Girl Guides Association of Trinidad and Tobago.


Mrs. Johnson and Mrs. Chloe. Bailey were the first guiders to receive the Samaan Gold Award the highest recognition from the Association for outstanding and unstinting service.  She has travelled extensively with the Girl Guides and represented the Association Regionally and Internationally.


Mrs. Catherine Rosalind Provoteaux Reid began her Guiding career as a Brownie Guide in 1963 attached to the 18th Port-of-Spain Brownie Guide Pack and became a Junior Leader (Tawny Owl) in 1972 with the 2nd Barataria Brownie Guide Unit and a full leader in 1982 as Brown Owl of the 5th Arima Brownie Guide Pack.  Her career includes:


  • Captain 1984 – 1st Arima Junior Guide Unit

  • Captain 1997 – 1st St. Ann’s Junior Guide Unit

  • Trainee Trainer 1985 – Laventille/Arima Training Region – she earned her Levels ‘O’, ‘I’, ‘II’, ‘III’ Training Certificates between 1987 - 1993

  • Member Caribbean Link Training Committee – 1997

  • Chairman, Caribbean Link Training Committee – 2003


In addition to being a Unit Leader has held the following positions:


  • District Commissioner Arima North - 1987

  • Camp Commissioner - 1989 – 1995

  • Division Commissioner, Arima/Arouca - 1990

  • Guide Commissioner - 1997 – 2002

  • Training Commissioner - 2003 – 2008


She has received the following Awards:


  • Pack Holiday License – 1984

  • Humming Bird Specialist Certificate – 1989

  • Local Trainers Certificate – 1989

  • Campers License - 1991

  • Long Service Award - 1990

  • Sandbox Silver Award - 1991

  • Samaan Gold Award – 1994

  • Caribbean Link Trainer Certificate – 2000

  • Caribbean Link Trainer Diploma - 2008


She has had active participation in International Camps, Trainings and Conferences in the Caribbean Region (Anguilla, Antigua/Barbuda, Barbados, Curacao, Dominica, Jamaica, St. Lucia, St. Vincent & the Grenadines) to name a few, as well as Mexico, United States of America and South Africa, and of course, Trinidad and Tobago.


Mrs. Reid’s wealth of experience and her dedication and commitment to Girl Guiding earned her the opposition of Chief Commissioner in September 2008.


Miss Gemma Merrique  started Guiding in 1968 as a Brownie Guider 1st Guayaguayare Brownies till 1973; In 1979 worked as Brown Owl with 6th San Fernando Brownie Guides ‘A’ a Brownie Guide Pack at St. Gabriel’s Girl R.C. School, San Fernando and moved on to 5th San Fernando Brownie Pack from 2004 to present as Brown Owl.

She had also served as:


  • District Commissioner 

  • Division Commissioner  - Victoria Central Division

  • Brownie Commissioner  -  1991 – 1995

  • Brownie Commissioner  -   2004


Earned Awards and Certification:


  • Pack Holiday License

  • Long Service Award

  • Sandbox Silver Award

  • Training Certificate Level O - 111


Mrs. Jean Nurse  became a Ranger Guide in 1954. She served as a Guider in charge of 18th Port of Spain Brownie Pack at Providence and later became warranted as Brown Owl of that Pack.  Mrs. Nurse assisted with 18th Port of Spain Guide company and started 18th Port of Spain Ranger Guide Company.  She became warranted as Captain of 18th P.O.S. Guide Company when there were no longer juniors at the school. (One was not allowed more than one warrant at a time.)


Mrs. Nurse attended the 50th Anniversary Celebrations in England in 1960 as part of the Trinidad contingent as well as trainings at Foxlease and in Antigua; camps and Pack Holidays with her own girls as well as with other Guiders under Jessica Smith, E. M. Cordoner, Evelyn Hordatt and Miss Glasgow; became a Trainer some time after 1960. 

In 1963 represented Trinidad and Tobago at the Philadelphia Inter-nations Programme and worked as assistant leader at a Girl Scout Camp during the summer.


Held the following positions:


  • Unwarranted Brown Owl of 4th Port of Spain Brownie Guide Pack

  • District Commissioner – Upper Belmont

  • East Port-of-Spain Division Commissioner

  • Music Commissioner

  • Brownie Commissioner

  • Trainer

  • Other:  Represented Trinidad and Tobago in Mexico, Regionally and Locally


Jean Nurse, currently teaches classes at Providence Girls’ Secondary School including confirmation class and is Co-ordinator for Parish of St Francis R.C. Church.


Mrs. Zalayhar Hassanali said that, "In 1964 when my daughter Amena wanted to join the 2nd Port of Spain Brownie Guide Pack opposite the Zoo, I was told that Mothers or other women volunteers were needed to assist Brown Owl to run the pack efficiently.  As a teacher I volunteered, as Tawny Owl, so that Amena could be admitted.  I took all the training courses offered at Girl Guide Headquarters.

Eventually we had four excellent leaders and sometimes had more than the stipulated 24 Brownie Guides in the Pack.  I enjoyed being with these vivacious young exciting girls who loved the programme, the badges and all the other activities.


  • I became Tawny Owl in 1964

  • Brown Owl 1967 – 1972

  • Asked to be a Commissioner and was appointed District Commissioner Newtown/Woodbrook in 1972

  • Secretary West Port of Spain Local Association in1972

  • West Port-of-Spain Division Commissioner in 1977

  • Served as Vice President a few times

  • Finally I became Patron of the Association from 1987 – 1997


I enjoyed being with the girls, their mothers, the leaders, the staff at Headquarters and all the others involved in the Movement.  I think that every girl should join the Movement and benefit from every aspect of the trainings provided.  I wish that we had more dedicated competent leaders to inspire and influence the girls as they go through the various stages of development."


Ms. Carol Draper was appointed Chief Commissioner of the Association in November 1994. She joined the Movement as a Brownie Guide whilst living abroad in 1956.  Upon her return to Trinidad she made her Promise as a Guide of 3rd Port of Spain Guide Unit under the late Ms. Dorothy Creteau.  There was then a break in guiding activities whilst Ms. Draper pursued her Tertiary Education.


Ms. Draper returned to guiding in 1980 on the insistence of her then six year old daughter – Natasha – who wanted to become a Brownie Guide.  There being no room at the school’s Pack, Natasha made arrangements with Ms. Doris Andalcio Division Commissioner, Arima-Arouca Division to have her mother


  • Start an open company – the birth of 7th Arima Brownie Guide Pack – the Pack functioned from them to 1993 when, due to illness of her parents Ms. Draper was forced to close the Pack.


  • Ms. Draper was also the Guider for the 3rd Arima Ranger Guide Unit attached to the Arima Senior Comprehensive School where she taught.

  • She also served as Area Commissioner for North Central Area and District CommissionerArouca District.


Mrs. Marie Eugene Smith was a Ranger in 1934 and held many positions during her Guiding career:


  • Lieutenant – 1st Port of Spain Guide Unit 1942

  • Captain – 13th Port of Spain Guide Unit 1943

  • District Commissioner – Port of Spain 1946 and Tobago 1948

  • Division Commissioner – Tobago 1954

  • Ranger Commissioner – 1958

  • Chairman, Public Relations Committee


Awards and Licenses:


  • U.K. Campers License for Indoor Camping

  • U.K. License for Outdoor Camping

  • U.K. Trainers License


Trained at:


  • Foxlease, Waddow U.K.

  • Lorne, Ireland



  • Sandbox Silver (1982)


Mrs. Smith represented Tobago at the coronation of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth and spent the weekend at St. James Palace, London when Lady Baden-Powell resided there and had tea with Lady Baden-Powell. She was also a member of The Friends of the Girl Guides.