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Emily Angela Ronalds died on 27th March 1989 was born in the nineteenth century-  A Teacher who loved young people and was always ready to lend a ear and to assist in the solution of many an adolescent person.


Ms. Ronalds was Captain of 10th Port of Spain Guides and 13th Port of Spain Rangers. Known for her discipline in running companies she was often referred to as the Guide Mistress and her quasi-military bearing as she led her company in a march past was something to see.  (by Marie Eugene Smith)


Cynthia Davis Started Guiding in 1982 as Leader of 6th Tunapuna Senior Guide Unit. She gained

her Quartermaster qualification at Pax Vale in 1983 and served as Quartermaster at the 70th Anniversary Camp in 1984.


  • She was District Commissioner Tunapuna 1985-1987

  • Camp Representative Arima Region 1985–1988

  • Division Commissioner Tacarigua 1987

  • Deputy Chief Commissioner 1988

  • Received the Sandbox Silver Award 1988

  • Brown Owl 3rd Tacarigua Pack in 1989

  • Was a Teacher up to 1986


Ann Murray, also fondly known as "Teacher Tiny",  became a Guider at the age of 57 in 1943 and became a Leader of 1st Tunapuna Guides attached to the Anglican School in 1944. She said “Guiding is one of the best organisations for girls, because in it they Learn to respect God and Man. The Guide Promise and Law will show you This, and if you can truly master these, there is nothing that you will need in this world”.

Her motto was “sharing of time, talents and services”. Even though she lost her sight,  "Teacher Tiny" lived to the age of 103 and still kept abreast of the Girl Guide Movement.


Mrs. Ronald Bynoe nee Margaret Dickson Joined the Movement as a Brownie of 2nd Port of Spain later became a Guide of 2nd Port of Spain Guide Company 1939; went to England and became a Guide of 1st Hartburn Guide Company and gained her 1st Class and all Round Cords. Her service has been extensive and includes but is not limited to:


  • Cadet of 1st Hartburn Cadet Unit

  • Tawny Owl and Brown Owl of U.K. Stockton-on-Tees Brownie Pack

  • 1945; returned to Trinidad as Lieutenant of 2nd Port of Spain Guide Unit

  • 1950; appointed Brown Owl of 2nd Port of Spain Brownie Pack

  • 1952; appointed District Commissioner of north Port of Spain

  • 1956; appointed Division Commissioner of West Port of Spain

  • 1960-1970; served as first Local Island Commissioner

  • 1963; served as Chief Commissioner when Trinidad and Tobago was accepted as an Associated Member of the World Committee. Attended numerous Conferences and International Gatherings

  • 1964; presented with Beaver Award by Lady Baden Powell, World Chief Guide at the Golden Jubilee Camp.Served as Captain 2nd P.O.S. Ranger Unit

  • 1973; appointed as Chairman of the Link of Guiding.

  • Appointed as Treasurer of the Link of Guiding


Mrs. Bynoe was described as ‘vivacious, warm and friendly’.  She is one of the truly dedicated Guiders and a Treasure to the Link. She has also served Guiding at World Committee level and in Trinidad and Tobago as a member of the Friends of the Guides.


Miss C.M.G. Anderson – Miss Catherine Mary Grace Anderson had the longest period of continued service to Guiding in Trinidad and Tobago and undoubtly played a great part in helping to achieve the High standard of Guiding which this country has maintained since the Movement was first started in 1914.  She certainly lived up the high ideals laid down by the Founder in the Guide Promise and Law.


Miss Anderson joined 2nd Port of Spain Guide Company in June 1919 and was enrolled on 29th July.  She gained her 2nd Class badge a year later and her 1st Class badge and All Rounds Cords in July 1923. She then went to school in England and continued her Guiding with 7th Exeter Maynard School Company. In September1924 she joined the 7th Exeter Maynard School Cadet Company and on her return to Trinidad in 1927 became Lieutenant of 6th Port-of-Spain Company and, at the same time, was a member of 2nd Port of Spain Ranger Company.


In 1929 Miss Anderson was appointed Captain of 6th Port of Spain Guides and in 1932 Captain of 6th Port of Spain Rangers.  In the same year she was awarded the Blue Cord Diploma and was for many years before the Second World War.  In 1934 Miss Anderson took over as Captain of her old Company, 2nd Port of Spain and continued with that Company until 1944, when she was forced to give up active Guiding for a short period due to ill health.


She returned as Northern Division Commissioner in 1947, a position she held until 1952, and since then she served as District Commissioner of Newtown 1962 – 1968, Captain of 2nd Port of Spain Guides and Rangers, International Commissioner and in 1970 was appointed Administrative Secretary of the Association, a position she held until she retired from active guiding in 1974. After that she busied herself with the archives of the Association and remained one of the Trustees of the Gibbs Trust until 1981.


Miss Anderson’s services to Guiding were recognized by the award of the Beaver at the Silver Jubilee celebrations in 1939, and the Silver Fish, highest award in Guiding, at the Golden Jubilee Camp in 1964, when this Award was presented to her by the Chief Guide.  It was extremely fitting that Miss Anderson was present as a delegate to the 20th World Conference in Finland in 1969 when Trinidad and Tobago was admitted to Full membership of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts.


Guiding might be termed her life-long hobby. Miss Anderson was a person of complete dedication and involvement and one wonders how many girls and women of this country have been influenced, directly or indirectly, by those she trained or came into contact with during her long and distinguished service.

(Taken from the compass magazine – Volume IX No. 3 March 1983)



Miss C.M.G. Anderson bequeathed to The Girl Guides Association of Trinidad and Tobago the funds for the purchase of 8 Rust Street, St. Clair, Port of Spain which is dedicated to the memory of Miss C.M.G. Anderson. (Administrative Secretary - 14-Mar-06)


Ms. Millicent Musaib-Ali nee Ramkessoon started Guiding as a Brownie in the 1st Tunapuna Brownie Unit under the late Miss Ann Murray.

She was an  active Brownie and moved up through the Ranks/Guide and Ranger attached to the 1st Tunapuna Units. In 1957 Mrs. Musaib Ali represented the Association at the Windsor World Camp London in commemoration of the birth of Lord Baden Powell.  In 1958 she received the Queen’s Guide Award.


Ms Musaib Ali migrated to Canada where she kept in touch with Girl Guiding and obtained a BA Second Class Honors Degree in Economics at York University. On her return to Trinidad she served the Association as Vice President.


Miss Dorothy Shurland - Miss Shurland's Guiding career started in 1920 as a guide in the 1st Company in San Fernando. Ten (10) years later, 1930, she was made the Lieutenant of the 2nd San Fernando Girl Guide Company attached to St. Paul’s Anglican Church.


During the time spent in this company, she attended many training sessions and obtained a Campers’ License.  She helped the girls in the District to enjoy Guiding as she always planned a camp during the holidays.  In 1946 she was promoted to the Principalship of Scarborough Girls’ Anglican School, Tobago.  In addition to her school work she spent much time training Guiders.


During the fifties when she returned to San Fernando, she started a Cadet Company which produced many excellent Guiders among whom is our former Chief Commissioner, Miss Cynthia Harewood.  Later on she became the Division Commissioner of Victoria, which at that time, included Mayaro and Guayaguayare.


When her term of office expired, she assumed the chairmanship of the Victoria Division Local Association.  Her untiring efforts and the assistance of the Local Association members was responsible for the building and maintenance of the South Headquarters.


Miss Sybil James joined the Girl Guide Movement at age 11.  She was enrolled as a guide on September 6th 1930.  In addition to the numerous contributions made by Ms. James to Guiding, There are many other significant factors which contribute to her being a well-rounded individual.  These achievements were realized over a forty-five year period.  During the years 1933 -1939 Ms. James taught at the San Fernando Girls’ Anglican in the year 1940.


In 1952, she was made the first Local District Commissioner in Guiding History.  She participated in the Coronation Parade in San Fernando Anglican on 2nd June 1953.  At the San Fernando Girls’ Anglican School she was made Principal in the year 1954.  Ms. James attended the Clifton Hampden’s House Party Camp in England 1957, which marked the Centenary of Lord Baden Powell’s birth.  In the early 60’s she became Assistant Division Commissioner, and after wearing her guide uniform for forty years she stepped in the year 1970.


After retiring from her teaching career in September 1978, the tree finally began to bear fruits, in that Ms. James was awarded a Medal of Merit Gold for outstanding and meritorious service to the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago in the sphere of Education in the year 1979.  She also gained the Recognition and Appreciation Award on the 20th Anniversary of the National Days and Festival Committee on the 31st August, 1982.


Ms. James was the Secretary of the Victoria Local Association.  She can be depended on because of her efficiency as an educator to all upcoming guides, guiders and individuals, who should seek her for advice in any of her respective areas. 

She was a “True Guide.”