Myrle E. Jennings  said: "I started as a Brownie Guide in the 10th Port of Spain Brownie Pack attached to the St. John’s Baptist Church, Pembroke Street. Miss Ann Pole now Mrs. Ann McEachern, daughter of the Rev. J.H. Poole, was Brown Owl, and at the age of eleven I was transferred to Girl Guides 10th Port of Spain Company under the leadership of Miss Beryl Culpepper (deceased) and Miss Marion Peters nee Mrs. Marion Osborne.


Uniform worn by Girl Guides – in the year 1935 Some companies wore navy blue jumpers with navy blue serge skirts. A navy blue felt hat was also worn.  I was enrolled by Miss Grace Anderson as a Brownie Guide and by Miss Porter as a Girl Guide.


In the year 1946, I was a Brown Owl of the 1st Longdenville Pack while Mrs. Olga Johnson was Guide Captain.  In those days Guiders wore Panama Hats and uniforms with long sleeves.  We made a historic display when a guard of honour was formed for the then Governor – Sir John Shaw, at the opening of the new wing of the Longdenville Government School.


I attended several conferences and council meetings held within the area at Chaguanas, California, Rio Claro, Point-a-Pierre and San Fernando.  I was sent to Government Teachers Training College in 1951 and from College I was posted at Chatam where again I played an active part in starting a Guide Company, 1st Chatam Girl Guides under Mrs. Dalip Singh with the consent of the Principal, Mr. Carlton Bereaux.


From Chatham I journeyed back to San Juan, this time at El Socorro Government School (North), where again I assisted in the formation of both Guides and Brownies.  This time the Brownie Guides were under the leadership of our now Brownie Commissioner Mrs. Yvonne O’Neill nee Devenish.  We worked under Division Commissioner Miss Geraldine Bobb.  Several Camps and Trainings were held within the District, helping us to meet and know our sister guiders.


Later around 1958 – 59 I was made District Commissioner of San Juan-Santa Cruz and was assisted by Mrs. Pinky Donawa.  Much activity prevailed, such as Thinking Day functions which took place in the form of Division Competitions, sports meetings, visits and tours.  In this district I had the opportunity of working with a Brownie Guide Pack connected to the School for the Blind. Other sighted Brownie Guides often visited and played with their blind sisters.


Here also we enjoyed visiting and participating with our brother scouts at several of their camps which were held at Pax Vale Santa Cruz.  From the East I journeyed West to Diego Martin where I continued Guiding as District Commissioner.  At this point I must pay homage to the members of both San Juan and Diego Martin Local Associations.  They were two vibrant groups which gave me full support at all times; again in Diego Martin District there was much activity.


I, again, had the pleasure of working with Mrs. Olga Johnson and together we organized several local and overseas camps which absorbed Guiders throughout the island.  Most of our Girls camped in Tobago, Grenada, St. Vincent, Barbados and area in Trinidad.  There was also an Island hopping indoor camp for Guiders which led us to St. Lucia, Martinique, Dominica and Barbados.  These tours have allowed us to spread guiding and make new friends within the Caribbean.


I, with two Rangers, was selected to represent Trinidad and Tobago at Barbados Jubilee Camp in 1968.  Miss Grace Anderson the then International Commissioner was also there.  In 1969, Mrs. Olga Johnson and I visited Girl Scouts of America Headquarters having received our letters of recommendation from our Trinidad and Tobago Headquarters. Back home in Diego Martin with the assistance of Mrs. Johnson and members of the Local Association, we journey to Paramin where the President spoke to the parents and well wishers.


A branch of the Local Association was formed.  As Commissioners, we interviewed the girls and had them enrolled as Guides under Guider Miss Theodore Romain. A similar project was launched at Las Cuevas, where Mrs. Lucille Moore so ably encouraged the villagers to participate in the formation of the Local Association.  Other outstanding occasions were the Tree Planting Ceremony in 1966 on the grounds of the Carmelite Sisters for Convalescent children on the occasion of the Queen in June 1966.


The formation of a Sea Ranger Company and the handing over of the Plaque by Commander David Bloom when we took the name of S.R.S. Trinity the name of one of the Coast Guard Ships.  The Coast Guard under Lieutenant Jack Williams gave our girls regular sessions in Training and Tuition.


As in San Juan I conducted several sports meetings and regular Church Services. In Diego Martin I had a better opportunity to spread guiding by March pasts on the streets, with the kind support of Rev. Father Raymond Reid, the then Superintendant of the St. Michael Home for Boys, who allowed the boys to supply us with music on all occasions.


I cannot at this stage forget a good patron in the person the deceased Mrs. Kacal.  The District has a lovely shield to remember her by and past pleasant memories.  May she rest in peace."


This preamble has its motive.  I particularly will like my children and the younger guiders to know that this was not an easy road.  There were several bumps to be encountered but there is great satisfaction.


Along the line, while I remained a teacher, I also got married and had a family and neither of these hindered any aspect in Girl Guiding.


Please take a clue and support the Girl Guide Movement in Trinidad and Tobago we need you.