Sr. Annetta Alexander began her Guiding career in 1968 as Brown Owl attached to 6th San Fernando Brownie Unit.  In 1971 she moved on to the Arima/Arouca Division and reactivated the 2nd Arouca Guide Unit.


1981 – 1985 Sister Alexander took responsibility for the 19th Port of Spain Brownie Unit at Sacred Heart Girls RC School. She served as Captain for the 19th  Port of Spain Junior Guide Unit from 1988 – 2001 as well as Captain of 16th Port of Spain Senior Guide Unit at St. Joseph’s Convent from 1995 – 1997.


When Sister Alexander accepted the Principalship of the St. Xavier’s Primary School she became Captain of the 6th St. Joseph Guide Company to which she is still attached.  Her Guiding career includes service as:-


  • Representative of the Roman Catholic Church on the Council of the Girl Guides Association of Trinidad and Tobago from 1985 –2000

  • Guide Company from 1981 – 1996

  • Chief Commissioner from 2002 – 2008

  • Member of the National Camp Committee from 1985 -1987


She also represented the Association at various Holiday Camps in Grenada, St. Lucia, Venezuela, USA, Canada, England, Orlando between 1989 – 2003 and Jordan in 1993 as well as various Conferences and Trainings within the Caribbean, Mexico and South American including World Conference in Jordan 2005 and South Africa in 2008 and served on many Boards and Committees as part of her Girl Guide responsibilities and commitments.  She holds both the Pack Holiday License and Camper’s License and Training Certificates for Levels O–III and assisted as a Local Trainer. The Sandbox Silver Award was given to her in 1991 and the Samaan Gold.



Ms. Jean Farrow was appointed:


  • Assistant Area Commissioner San Juan 1981

  • As a Girl Guide at age 12 attached to 2nd San Fernando Guide Co under Ms. Dorothy Shurland.

  • Was a member of the first Junior Ranger Company – South

  • Lieutenant of 1st Guide Co at San Fernando Government School

  • Founder and Captain St. Francois Girls College Ranger Unit 1962 –1974

  • Tester for Cookery Tests and Badges

  • Quartermaster for many Camps including Diamond Jubilee Camp


Ms. Elaine Doyle became a Guide in 1942 was attached to 1st Tunapuna Unit and gave yeoman service to the Movement.  She became Brown Owl 1st Tunapuna Brownies in 1961. She served as Assistant District Commissioner Tunapuna in 1967 – 1968 and received an Award in 1977 for her contribution to Girl Guiding.

Ms. Doyle also worked as a member of the Tunapuna Local Association.


Ms. Joyce Pierre started her Guiding in 1943 and work steadfastly to help build the Tunapuna District.

In 1973 Ms. Pierre worked with the 1st Tunapuna Ranger Unit and at a later stage was instrumental in starting a Ranger Unit at the El Dorado Youth Camp in 1981.

She also served as District Commissioner, Tunapuna in 1979 and a member of the Local Association.

Ms. Pierre received the Sandbox Silver Award in 1980.


Mrs. Chanmattie David began her Guiding Career as Captain of the 1st St. Augustine Junior Guide Unit in 1996 and has moved on as District Commissioner, St. Augustine in 2001, Assistant Division Commissioner Tacarigua in 2004 and Division Commissioner in 2005. She took her guiding seriously and now holds the Camper’s License earned in 2007 and Local Trainers Certificate earned in 2008.


Mrs. David has attended many, trainings locally and within the Caribbean as well as camps locally and in the U.K. She carries the responsibility for the Divali Celebrations at National Level.