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Reminders like this one have been going out to Commissioners since 1973 from the first Guide Headquarters at 150a Belmont Circular Road, Port of Spain.


  1. A Unit must be registered at Headquarters not more than three (3) months from its formation.  It is essential that the Unit be recorded and it is not necessary to wait for the enrolment of the girls to record it.

  2. Registration forms may be obtained from district commissioners who can get them through their Division Commissioners from the Area Commissioner.

  3. Registration must be accompanied by the fee of 25c

  4. Units attached to one school or open units which are considered one group the Brownies going up to the Guide Unit must be numbered correspondingly, see example below:-


1st El Tucuche      -        St. Mary’s Church         -        Brownie


                                             go to


1st El Tucuche      -        St. Mary’s Church         -        Guide






2nd El Tucuche      -                OPEN                    -        Brownie


                                             go to


2nd El Tucuche     -                OPEN                   -        Guide





Should there be only a Brownie Pack attached to 1st Chaguaramas –Village Council Group – then the first Guide Unit of the Chaguaramas district to come into being not being attached to the Village Council should be numbered 2nd Chaguaramas even though there is no Guide Unit attached to the Village Council.  Should the Village Council eventually get a Unit this will be numbered 1st Chaguaramas Village Council Unit.


5.  All registrations must be sent in to Headquarters through the correct channels – District Commissioners to Division

Commissioners to Area Commissioner so that each Commissioner can keep her records up-to-date.  The Area Commissioner is the only Commissioner to have direct contact with Headquarters.





An  Evaluation Seminar for Commissioners  - Liking at Ourselves – was held at El Dorado  Youth Camp December 12th – 14th 1990, and the Mighty Comess (Mrs. Lyris Smith Hayes) and her group – part of the cultural evening organized by Mrs. Thelma A. Nurse at the Seminar  – presented the following calypso:



Commissioners Camping in El Dorado


This weekend we camping in El Dorado

Commissioners looking at themselves for so

When they find out how they really be

They covering their eyes

They ent want to see


Chorus:   So Commissioners stop fooling yourself

              No one is perfect we just like the elf

              Twist you and turn you

              And look in the well

              And there you go see where you really fell


When you back your Areas next year

Remember to share what you learn out here

Don’t go back in your same shell

Think of others before yourself


Chorus:   So Commissioners stop fooling yourself

              No one is perfect we just like the elf

              Twist you and turn you

              And look in the well

              And there you go see where you really fell



The National Anthem


At Guide and Scout Rallies, Enrolments, Prayers in camp and other Guide ceremonial occasions, it is usual for Guides and Guiders with the EXCEPTION of the COLOUR PARTIES to salute during the singing of the National Anthem.  However, when the anthem is played in public buildings or in the street or at a mixed function, Guides should stand to ATTENTION and sing, BUT DO NOT SALUTE.


At Guide events, it is correct for everyone except the Colour Parties to salute and sing.

At a Mixed Parade, it is sometimes found that the officers in charge of detachments salute during the playing of the Anthem, and on these occasions, GUIDERS, but not Guides, should do the same.  It may be possible to ascertain the procedure beforehand.