Yvette Gonsalves nee Bourne flew up to 2nd Port of Spain Guides from Brownies around 1959. 

Mrs Chloe Bailey and Mrs Cynthia Aqui (deceased) were members of the group while Mrs. Gonsalves held the position of Patrol Leader.

Chosen to attend 2 international camps:


1964    -         International camp held at Orange Grove Estate – April  Jubilee Friendship Camp

                        International Commissioner and Camp Registrar  -  Miss Grace Anderson


1965    -         Jamaica Jubilee International Camp 10th – 19th August.


Mrs. Gonsalves had this to say: "As a young girl joining guides you learn a lot and come out of Guiding as a well rounded person. You become well Discipline, Responsible and Self Efficient.

I recommend Girl Guides to any young person as guiding is People Friendly, Crime and Violence Free and prepares you for adulthood. I joined Friends of the Girl Guides in 1999."


Ms. Cynthia Inniss was sent to the Febeau Government School in September 1963.  Mrs. Eleanor Carnarvon, a teacher, was the Guider of the First Febeau Brownie Pack.  The Pack was the only one in the area and she carried it on by herself.  At Mrs. Carnarvon request, Ms Inniss became attached to the Pack as her assistant ‘Tawny Owl’ for a period of four years.  After Ms Inniss first four years as a Guider, Mrs. Carnarvon is left the school and Ms Inniss was asked to fill in as ‘Brown Owl’.  Up to this time First Febeau was still the only school in the area with Guides, so girls from other schools in the area were accommodated.


Money in those days was a great issue, so they got to know their country travelling by bus to places such as the Devil’s Wood Yard (mud volcano), the Pitch Lake and the Botanic Gardens.  Ms Inniss and her girls also did a lot of hiking to places such as Maracas Bay, Maracas Water Falls, Fort George, North Coast Station etc.  One year they even ventured as far as Tobago for a weekend.


Ms. Inniss had her girls always eager to learn new things and work for badges.  The girls under Ms Inniss's guidance also tried their best to uphold the ethics of guiding and obey the Guide Laws.  As a person that was into music, Ms Inniss and her girls did a lot of community singing and they also played lots of games.


In the late 70’s early 80’s Ms Inniss was promoted to Vice Principal then to Principal of the school, at this time she got two of her former guides to take over the reins.  Doreen Joseph and Dianne Samuel.  One as Brownie Guider and the other as Jr. Guide Guider.  She still assisted and is still helping, in her own quiet way, the First Febeau Guides.


I knew about Ms Inniss but really got to know her when a member of my family became a member of her family in the early 80’s.  She was a Guide to her heart back then and still is a Guide to her heart.


Ms. Inniss says this, "To today’s guide, I would say demonstrate honesty, integrity, love and kindness.  Make this world a better place in which to live. Guiding has made me a more disciplined and organised person.  It brought out and developed my leadership qualities and has made me a more responsible adult."