Pauline Rennie started her guiding as a Brownie attached to 2nd San Fernando Unit in 1978.  She moved on to:


2nd San Fernando Junior Guides          1981

2nd San Fernando Senior Guides         1984

2nd San Fernando Rangers                    1988


She earned many Certificates during her experience at the various levels; attended may LOCAL CAMPS as well as CAMPING in Grenada, Canada (1987) and Venezuela (1989)


Pauline says of Guiding:


  • “My Commitment to Peace, Love, Friendship and Sisterhood both as a Guide and personally is by taking the ten guide laws and living accordingly to them. Especially the tenth Guide Law – A Guide is self controlled in all that she thinks, says and does."


  • “Guiding has helped me to understand people at different levels of society in various age groups which have also helped me develop in my personal life.”


  • “ I have learnt to love and be someone’s friend for who they really are. It has helped me both in my personal life and school which has extended into the country.”


Ms. Evelyn Hordatt was enrolled in Girl Guiding in 1945, as an adult and appointed Brown Owl, 1st Curepe Brownies attached to Curepe A.C School (now Holy Saviour Anglican).


She had the benefit of training locally and abroad at Foxlease Training Centrre and Waddow Training Center UK.  She travelled extensively throughout the entire Caribbean as Guide Trainer and had the distinction of not having broken service in the field of Girl Guides from 1945 to 1995.


Appointments held included:


  • Brownie Guider in Curepe A. C.

  • National Brownie Commissioner

  • Unit Helper – Santa Cruz School for the Blind

  • National Training Commissioner.  Trainer in U.K., U.S.A., Canada, Mexico and all Caribbean Islands.

  • UK Diploma Trainer

  • Member of the Committee which founded and directed the Caribbean Link Assessment Panel at three levels – Local, Link and Diploma for leaders within the Caribbean Link of Guiding.  The Committee designed teaching and testing syllabus.

  • Introduced Guide Clubs at Teachers Training Colleges 1966.

  • Wrote articles for the Guiding magazine – Guiding Lights

  • Tested numerous candidates for certificates and diplomas

  • She received many awards for outstanding and dedicated service to Girl Guiding including the Sandbox Silver Award in 1978.


She lists as her mentors – the late Miss C M G Anderson, Mrs. Emmie Ronalds and Ms. Ann Murray, fondly called Teacher Thynnie.


Mrs. Grace Rachpaul Mohammed was enrolled as a Brownie in 1952.


Mrs. Mohammed reflected when asked what Guiding meant to her and this is what she had to say..."these were the words that I thought about as they represent Guiding – “Trusty, loyal, helpful, sisterly, courteous, kind, obedient, smiling, thrifty, pure as the rustling wind”.


She continued, "I enrolled in Brownies, St. Joseph’s Convent, San Fernando, my Brown Owl, Maureen Hutchinson, now Miller, made it very enjoyable for me.  Time to move on to Guides – 3rd San Fernando (SJC) with Phyllis Browne as Captain, who became a second mother to all of us.  The meeting was held on Monday evenings, so were Ballet classes.  I had to decide which one to choose.  Girl Guides was my choice!  What a choice!  Formation for life!


I went on to be Lieutenant and ran the Company for a little while after I got married, but motherhood took over.  This did not deter me as I became a member of the Victoria Division Local Association and the National Council of Guiding.


In 1957, I was one of the lucky ones to represent T&T at Windsor Great Park for the 50th year of the movement.  There I experienced Extension Guiding for the first time and have continued to work with the differently-abled to this day.  I met Princess Royal, Lady Baden Powell and Lady Gibbs and had the pleasure of being right next to Queen Elizabeth 11.  I also played the 1st pan in our steel band which we called GASPO, what an uproar it caused!       


BECAUSE THE IMPACT OF Extension Guiding was so great on me, when I went to Jamaica to live, I got involved with Ena Collymore.  I also did some Art classes at the Bellevue Mental Home.  On to Scotland, I met Molly Edmiston who took me to many different Extension Guide companies. This was because she was informed by London Headquarters of my desire to continue this work.  This was a growing experience, and to date I am involved with Persons with Disabilities, as I am the PRO at Cheshire Disability Services.  I am also an advocate for HIV/Aids.


Although I am not involved in active Guiding, I was on the National Council and I am still an active member of Victoria Central Local Association.  I was also part of the Building Committee with Dorothy Shurland when we lobbied and got our Southern Headquarters.

I know that the training I got in he Girl Guides Movement made me the wife, mother, person that I am today with my promise to God and my country and fellowman.


I Thank you Lord and Lady Baden-Powell."



Mrs. Chloe Bailey joined 2nd Port of Spain Brownies in 1935 “flew up” to Guides in 1938 and was enrolled in the Humming Bird Patrol.  In 1942 acted as Tawny Owl of 2nd Port of Spain Brownie Guides.  After schooling abroad she returned to Guiding as Lieutenant of 2nd Port of Spain Guides, was warranted in 1965 and obtained a Caribbean Link Guide Training Certificate in 1968.  She was a member of the Training Team up to 1972.  She was a member of Council in



Mrs. Bailey was appointed Northern Area Commissioner in 1969 and held this position until she was appointed International Commissioner.  She represented the Girl Guides Association of Trinidad and Tobago at various Conferences abroad – World Conferences, Western Hemisphere, Caribbean Link and U.K. Guide events.  She was Secretary to the Guide Shop Committee in 1972.  In 1973 she became Vice President of the Girl Guides Association of Trinidad and Tobago.  Chloe was the first recipient of the Samaan Gold Award for outstanding service to the Girl Guide Association of Trinidad and Tobago in 1978.  Mrs. Bailey held the position of President of the Girl Guides Association of Trinidad and Tobago from 1986 to 1989.


She served on the Fund Raising and Finance Committee of the Girl Guides Association of Trinidad and Tobago.  She is currently a member of the Friends of the Girl Guides.


Her Guiding was not confined to Local Guides and for many years she served as Secretary to the Caribbean Link of Guiding in which capacity she travelled throughout the Caribbean Islands Training and organizing Training programmes for the promotion of Guiding within the Islands


She was known and respected for her high level of performance in uniform, drill, and all levels of Girl Guiding which she demanded and her devotion to duty was her hallmark.


Mrs. Thelma Adeline Nurse started her Guiding Career in 1963 as Captain of the Unit attached to the San Juan Government School.   In 1975 she joined with the Girl Guide Club at Mausica Teachers Training College and in 1979 – became Captain of the Ranger Unit at the Arima Senior Comprehensive School 3rd Arima Rangers.  From 1983 - 1986,  she assumed responsibility for the Guide Unit at San Juan Secondary School.


Mrs. Nurse moved to the rank of Commissioner in 1984 -1988 as Ranger Commissioner of the Girl Guides Association of Trinidad and Tobago, and then moved on to become the Commissioner for Training from 1989 - 1992 of the Girl Guides Association of Trinidad and Tobago.  She held the rank of Deputy Chief Commissioner of the Girl Guides Association of Trinidad and Tobago from 2002 – 2008 and presently holds the position of Chief Commissioner which she has held since May 2009.   In 1985 Mrs. Nurse was awarded the Sandbox Silver


Mrs. Nurse has also represented the Association on the President’s Award Committee of Trinidad and Tobago and assisted with the Caribbean Award Scheme Council Expedition in many Caribbean countries.  She has also attended numerous Ranger and Leader Training Camps in Mexico, United Kingdom and Caribbean Islands.