Linda Ryan Wilson - Linda Ryan Wilson started Girl Guiding in 1984 as Chairman of the West Port of Spain Local Association.


In 1993 on the invitation of the Chief Commissioner, Ms. Cynthia Harewood Ms. Ryan Wilson was appointed District Commissioner, St. James District.  At the same time Ms. Ryan Wilson held the post of Tawny Owl with the 5th St. James Brownie Guide Pack.  She was warranted Brown Owl in 1994.


Mrs. Ryan-Wilson’s passion for Guiding enabled her to earn Levels 0 – 3 Training Certificates, her Pack Holiday License in 1997 and her First Aider’s License in 2002.


Mrs. Ryan-Wilson was appointed Division Commissioner West Port of Spain in 2004 and also serves as Brown Owl for 16th Port of Spain Brownie Guide Unit.  She earned her Camper’s License on 16th October 2007          and her Local Training Certificate on  3rd September 2003. She received the Sandbox Silver Award in 2003.


Mrs. Ryan-Wilson has attended many camps locally and in the Caribbean and represented the Association at Caribbean Link Trainings within the Caribbean.  In addition she is the Association’s representative on the Trinidad and Tobago National Coastal Clean-up Committee.  Her outstanding service on this Committee earned her an Award from the International Coastal Committee, she is truly representative of the Girl Guides Motto – BE PREPARED.  


Mrs. Ryan-Wilson is also a member of many other Organizations, including the St. John’s Ambulance Brigade, the National Council of Voluntary Association for Child Care etc.


Helena Stoute-Joseph started her Guiding as a Guide in 1972 and was attached to 12th Port-of-Spain Guide Company.  She eventually accepted the responsibilities as Leader of the 12th Port-of-Spain Senior Guide Unit in 1989 and later opened the 12th Port-of-Spain Ranger Guide Unit.


In 1982 she served as District Commissioner Newtown-Woodbrook and in 1988 accepted the position as Division Commissioner West Port-of-Spain.  In 2003 was appointed Guide Commissioner.  Mrs. Stoute Joseph received the Sandbox Bronze and Silver awards and holds Training Certificates - Levels 1 through 3 as well as her Local Training Certificate. She earned Pack Holiday Permit in 2006.


She has represented the Association at numerous Camps and Trainings locally, regionally and in the U.K. USA, Canada, Bermuda and served on many Committees including National Council of Voluntary Association for Child Care from 1986 – 1992.

Mrs. Helena Stoute Joseph also serves as a helper for the 28th Port of Spain Brownie Guide and Junior Guide Units as well as the 6th Arima Junior Guide Unit.


Vermaran Extavour started as a Senior Guide with 12th Port-of-Spain Guide unit and then moved up to the Ranger Guide Unit.

She continued in the Movement to become a Young Leader and worked as Lieutenant with the 12th Port of Spain Senior Guide and Ranger Guide Units.  In 1995 she became Captain of the 28th Port-of-Spain Junior Guide Unit. And continued to work with them until 1998, when she to study.


Ms. Extavour holds her Level O – III Training Certificates. She has attended many camps locally and represented the Association at International Camps in Martinique as well as in other countries


She is a Dietary Technician and holds the Bachelor of Science – Human Ecology U.W.I. as well as the Maters of Science University of Manitoba. She serves as of the Executive Committee of the Girl Guides Association of Trinidad and Tobago and is also a Member of the Council of the Girl Guides Association of Trinidad and Tobago


Dawn Sayers Orr - Started Guiding as a Brownie Guide at Bourg Mulatresse School in 1980 and moved on to 28th Port of Spain Junior Guides and Senior Guide Units.


She became Captain of the 19th Port –of-Spain Senior Guide Unit and was warranted on 7th August 1998.  She acted briefly as Division Commissioner, West Port of Spain Division


Mrs. Sayers-Orr has attended numerous camps Locally, Regionally and Internationally; she representative the Association as Youth representative at the Western Hemisphere Conference held in Argentina in 2001.


She earned the Level II Training Certificate (1995) and Level III (2003).  She held the portfolio of Communications Commissioner with responsibility for enhancing the public image and perception of the Movement.