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Camp Opening Wide Leadership - Guiders Training Camp to be held from

30th May 2018 - 3rd June 2018 at Mt. Brasso Estate, Brasso Seco Village, Northern Range, Trinidad.


An invitation to Adult Leaders of all sections of the Association. This is an adventure not to be missed, being held in a venue that pushes the boundaries of camp life.


The cost of the camp is Eight Hundred ($800.00) Dollars this fee covers Accommodation, Meals,Activities and return Travel from Arima Terminus. A payment schedule has been set up as follows:

-Non-Refundable 1st Payment - $200.00 – 31st January, 2018

-2nd Payment - $200.00 – 28th February, 2018

-3rd Payment - $200.00 – 30th March, 2018

-4th Payment - $200.00 – 30th April, 2018

Payments can be made by Cash, Linx or Cheque payable to ‘The Girl Guides Association of Trinidad and Tobago’.

This is an outdoor camp as such we will be using mostly Canvas Tents, but campers may be allowed to bring/use Nylon Tents under special circumstances.

Below are the Registration Forms for completion and return: