Song – taken from Cheryl Greaves (Cadet) book re Camp Windsor 1957






Verse I       We Girl Guides have come from the Caribbean

                  To visit the home of our lovely Queen

                  Together with girls of many Nations

                  To join in these happy celebrations

                  Great Windsor Park we’ll never forget

                  And the very nice people that we have met

                  But no matter how far we roam. We AGREE

                  There’s really no place like home



Verse II     Lady Baden-Powell we’re really glad

                  To bring you good wishes from Trinidad

                  The Guides at home told us that we must say

                  They hope that you’d come and see us some day

                  They’ve asked us to tell our Majesty

                  That they wish Her health and prosperity

                  It’s the nicest trip we have known – BUT STILL

                  There’s really no place like home



TRINIDAD – TRINIDAD, we love you too bad

No matter where we may go,

There’s no better place

Than the land of calypso (Repeat chorus)










The count is    one 2, you bend from yuh knees

                        one 2 you jump up as yuh please

                        one 2 you must learn to Limbo

                        mama dat is fete when yuh dance de calypso



Verse 1      If yuh feeling sad, take a trip down to Trinidad

                                                                        (yuh must believe me)

                  There you’ll find a new dance creation

                  That’s causing a big big sensation

                  Pack yuh troubles an go

                  Go down south and learn to dance de calypso




Verse II     Plenty Bacchanal every day is a Carnival

                                                                        (you must’ nt doubt me)

                  No more rock and roll, now the calypso got control

                  Everybody does jump up to gedda

                  That’s the place dey love one another

                  Satisfaction for so, when you go, into de land of calypso




Verse III    Morning noon and night everybody

                  Happy and bright

                                                                        (it’s de truth gal)

                  It’s fete for so, all you do is dance Calypso

                  When you learn to beat out de tempo

                  Young and old dey all dancing de limbo

                  Hurry. Hurry and go, do down South

                  and learn to dance de Calypso