Brownie Quiz 2014

This competition is opened to all Brownie Guides in Trinidad and Tobago who are enrolled and have paid Levy up for 2014.All Brownie Leaders are to have their own in house competition and select 2 Brownies for the Preliminaries. Use the Brownie Programme to create your questions.Do not give the girls the questions to take home and learn off by heart, work the programme.The brownie must not be more than 9 years on the day of the Finals.


PRELIMINARIES: The Preliminaries will be done in Divisions.Division Commissioners/District Commissioners are to plan and carry out this competition within their Division on or before Saturday 15th March, 2014.The names of the participants are to be sent to the Brownie Commissioner and Girl Guides Headquarters.Where there is no Division or District Commissioner the Brownie Leaders are to organize accordingly.ONLY the Preliminary questions will be sent and you can add more questions to the list.


SEMI FINALS: This will take place on or before Saturday 5th April, 2014, in AREAS.


  • AREA1:West End, West P.O.S., East P.O.S., San Juan / Barataria.

  • AREA 2:Tacarigua, Arima/Arouca, Sangre Grande and Mayaro.

  • AREA 3:Chaguanas and Couva.

  • AREA 4:Victoria Central, Victoria East, Victoria West and St. Patrick.

  • AREA 5:Tobago.


The Division/District Commissioners or Leaders are to provide the venue and three (3) judges etc. for this competition. Questions are also to be prepared.The names of the winners must be submitted to the Brownie Commissioner and Girl Guides Headquarters by 14th April, 2014.



  • Brownies: Each Area will send two (2) Brownies to the Finals

  • Date: This will take place on Saturday 3rd May, 2014.

  • Venue: Dorothy Shurland Hut, San Fernando Headquarters.

  • Time: 1p.m.

  • Wear : Pack Holiday Uniform

  • The Finals will be organized by the Planning Team.



Questions will come from the Brownie Guide Handbook, Brownie Story and Song book, the Brownie Badge book and they will be asked questions on Who is who in Guiding in Trinidad and Tobago and current events in T& T Guiding.


Please take note of the following:

  • Questions for the Preliminaries will come from: Pre-enrolment section and Voyages I and II

  • Questions for the Semi Finals will come from: Pre-enrolment, Voyages I, II and III.

  • Questions for the Finals will come from :Pre-enrolment, Voyages I, II, III and IV. Also the Brownie Story, Brownie badge book and Who’s who in G.G.A.T.T., World Thinking Day 2014 and our 100th Anniversary celebrations.