‘Music is part of our History’

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Ms. Barbara Harris


Communication – where there is a lack of communication things start deteriorating” – Barbara Harris


  • Ms. Harris explained her experience with communication the previous day – “I was due to visit ten units at ten different venues in about four and one half hours, but because I communicated with Miss Saunders that I was able to visit ten units at the same time but at three different venues, this was done by groups getting together and interacting with each other”.

Mrs. Jessie Masson

Mrs. Jessie Masson wife of Dr. George Masson at the invitation of Sir George Le Hunte became a member of the Executive Committee which was formed to discuss which steps might be taken to start a Company of Girl Guides here.


Mrs. Masson worked hard and was instrumental in procuring the lands and a hut and in 1921 Headquarters appointed her a Life Deputy President.  It was Miss Doris Burslem who kept the Guides Flag flying in Trinidad and saved the young movement from disintegration during the difficult period (1914 – 1918).  Mrs. Masson considers that Guiding owes Mrs. Burslem a debt of gratitude for her work then.


Taken from: Women at Work article on Jessie Masson – Evening News, Saturday 30th June 1951, Page 3

In 1957, Twenty (20) Guides attended the World Camp held at Windsor Great Park, England ...

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