100th Anniversary Calypso


100 years of Guiding Trinidad and Tobago

This Anniversary Calypso has been created in celebration of our 100th Anniversary.


Yes, we are a movement 100 years old.


The Calypso is entitled 100 years of Guiding Trinidad and Tobago.

The Artistes/Voices are of the 1st Tunapuna Guide Unit.

The Song Writer is Mr. Shaquille Charles

The Music Composer is Ms. Chantal Esdelle.

Turn on your Speakers and let's sing. Press the play button below and let us begin.

The Lyrics


One hundred years ago

In this island of Trinbago

A great organistion was formed

Teaching girls 'bout behaviours, values and norms

June the 8, 1914

The Girl Guides movement came on the scene

Thanks to a woman named Mrs. Havelock

Girls learnt the way to be brought up




We are celebrating 100 years of guiding

In Trinidad and Tobago

In Trinidad and Tobago

Come let us all, our skills and talent show

Guiding, Guiding one hundred years

Let's take a toast to that, I tell you cheers


Girls age six to eighteen

Come and join and be a part

Brownie, Junior, Senior Ranger

Enter in, please don't be a stranger

Learn to be a leader

Learn life skills and take adventure

We even have a campfire

Be a guide and you will be inspired




Right now in society

Things aren't too good, what a pity

Thank God we have values and norms

Thanks to the opening of guiding doors

Well mannered girls with etiquette

Be a guide, I tell you there's no regret

Guiding cements a good education

Fit for all girls of this beloved nation.


Chorus (repeat)