Did you know that ...

Guide Month provides opportunities for promotion of the Movement...


In 1977 the Executive Committee of the Girl Guides Association of Trinidad and Tobago adopted the month of October as Guide Month with an aim of increasing Public Awareness of the Movement i.e.


  • To arouse awareness and give information on the principles, objectives and general organization of the Movement.

The Plan – Emergency Plans and Procedures


Leaders at Emergency Headquarters


  • Should divide personnel into patrols of four who should be sent to various given areas or streets to check -:

  • what damage has been done

  • if anyone needs food, clothes, first aid,

  • 2 remain if necessary,

  • 2 return to Headquarters with written information

There are Beatitudes For Leaders


Blessed are the leaders who have not sought the high place, but who have been drafted into service because of their ability and willingness to serve.

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