Our Anniversary Logo...

On June 8th 2014, we will be celebrating a great milestone.


With a long and rich history of developing young girls and empowering them to be leaders in the world, we were deliberate in our logo design to commemorate 100 years since the founding of the Girl Guides in Trinidad and Tobago, 1914 - 2014.

​We designed a logo that captured the spirit of youth, fun, empowerment and vibrancy.

Additionally, it was important for us to ensure that some of the essential elements, closely associated with Guiding, were also incorporated. As Lord Robert Baden-Powell once remarked, “I have over and over again explained that the purpose of the … Girl Guide Movement is to build … women as citizens endowed with the three H's namely, Health, Happiness and Helpfulness. The … woman who succeeds in developing these three attributes has secured the main steps to success this Life.”


We sought to express the founder’s concept through the following elements:

The Trefoil – Of course, we must include the trefoil, the most recognised symbol of guiding.


The Girl in motion – Located at the top in the trefoil, signifies the active and vibrant role our girls have taken and continue to take in their communities, our nation and the world.

The Tent – Appears on the right of the logo and which symbolises camping, and encompasses the experiences of survival skills development, self-reliance and teamwork.


The Campfire – Appears on the left of the logo and which embodies much more than camping. Guides have been known to use campfires outside of the camping experience as the campfire signifies camaraderie, singing, fun, friendship, rebirth and the joy of being a guide.


The Centenary Banner – 1914 (under the Tent, the community) to 2014 (under the campfire, continuum of our trailblazing and empowering activities of our girls).